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The Performance Management Dashboard - Open an existing contract

Process: Step 1



Lesson duration

About 5 minutes


What you will learn:

Open an Existing Performance Contract

What the performance dashboard tells us...

The dashboard pictured below tells us:
  1. The performance cycle the employee is busy with e.g., 2022.
  2. The employee's Performance Contract is displayed. As an added option, the dashboard could indicate whether the employee is a manager, managing a team of people, each having their own contract. 
  3. The general timelines for each period and phase of the performance year. 
  4. Your progress in the performance process e.g., Review Period 1.
  5. The suggested next step for the user, e.g., 'Complete the objective setting'.
  6. The amount of time you have left to complete the current phase.
  7. Whether you still have to START the contracting process (meaning you don't have a contract at the moment), or can just CONTINUE its population (if you did manage to start the contracting), or have arrived at the CHECK-IN and RATE-ing phases already.
  8. The components (and their relative importance or weights) of the contract e.g., the Performance Agreement (90%) and a value survey (10%). 
  9. The final overall score, including all review periods and additional components e.g., a Value Survey.



If an employee has an existing contract for the current performance cycle

If you have already created a contract for the current performance cycle, the dashboard might feature a CONTINUE button at #7 (if you have not yet submitted your agreement), or CHECK IN and RATE buttons (if your agreement was already submitted and approved), and even a VIEW button if the agreement was fully scored and approved.



the CONTINUE button if you want to open the agreement and continue setting your objectives. The screen opens in the first review period, and you are supposed to finish listing performance objectives before submitting the agreement.



the CHECK-IN button if your agreement was already submitted and approved and you would like to start checking in on your objectives.  (See the following section for more information)



the RATE button if your agreement was already submitted and approved and you have moved into the rating phase of the review period.  (See the following section for more information)



the VIEW button if your agreement was fully scored, submitted, and approved by your manager and is now only available for viewing.

When you exit the assessment period (using the BACK TO DASHBOARD button), you will return to the Performance Dashboard.