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List of the Release Notes


Signify continually develops new functionality and resolves issues, so our system is continually improving. We also develop exciting new modules in line with how the use of Human Resource Information Systems are changing. A list of the Release Notes for the different versions is shown below.

Click on the Download links below to download the documents.



Version Date   Notes
v8.24 April Download

The 8.24 release contains the following system improvements and changes:

  • Enhancements to the Salary Review module
  • Enhancements on the Licences module
  • Multifactor Authentication on Login
  • Enhancements to Notifications
v8.23.1 Nov


The 8.23.1 release contains the following system improvements and changes:

  • Enhancements to the Fit & Proper tab on the LMS Portal,
  • Enhancements on the Salary Review module
v8.23 Oct


The 8.23 Release contains the following system improvements and changes:

  • Improvements to the LMS Portal.
  • Addition of functionality which allows Facilitators to sign assessment transcripts.
  • Changes to the Job Profiler module.
v8.22 July


The 8.22 Release contains the following system improvements and changes:

  • Enhancements to the Sharepoint Step on Learning Pathways
  • Enhancements to IDP Discussion’s Development Identified tab
  • Enhancements to the Training Scheduling booking pages
  • Enhancements to the Assessor/Moderator Library
v8.21 May


The 8.21 Release contains the following system improvements and changes:

  • Modifications to database structure to facilitate easy integration with the new Signify system
  • Enhancements to Learner Records pages
  • Updates to Administration pages
v8.20 March




The 8.20 Release contains the following system improvements and changes:

  • New content type accommodation on Learning Pathways
  • Enhancements applied to Training History tab on the LMS Portal
  • Performance improvements on the Training Requirements tab on the LMS Portal
  • Setting added to Assessment Builder in order to manage open attempts optimally
  • Redirect link added to Leave Request notifications
  • Enhancements to Employee Funding




Version Date   Notes


v8.19 November


The 8.19 release contains the following system improvements and changes:

  • A costing Structure tab has been added to Programmes, Unit Standards & Qualifications detail
  • Various changes have been made to the Talent Acquisition page
  • Learner Records can now be transferred from one schema to another
    New Succession & Career Planning reports have been introduced
  • Changes have been applied to Candidate Linking and Placement
v8.18 August




The 8.18 release contains the following system improvements and changes:

  • External candidates may now be placed via the API on Vacancy Tracker
  • A requisition may now be cancelled at any time during the process on Vacancy Tracker
  • A new Pathway Type has been introduced to Pathways
  • The Rating modal pop-up has been added to the end of Pathways
  • New Appointment and Transfer rule changes to Succession & Career Planning
  • A new Movement Reason drop down has been added to employee’s appointment information
v8.17 June




The 8.17 release contains the following system improvements and changes:

  • Enhancements to Succession and Career Pathing
  • Extra functionality and information on the Fit and Proper tab of the LMS Portal
  • Ability to add pathways to a Learning Journey
  • Styling and information on Job Profile Report
  • Option to log into the system with an email address or employee number
  • Training costs have been added to PDP
v8.16 April




The 8.16 release contains the following system improvements and changes:

  • Additional functionality added to Pathways,
  • Additional features and functionality on Training Scheduling
  • Deletion reason enforcement on Learner Records
  • Enhancements on Reports
v8.15.1 January




The 8.15.1 release contains the following system improvements and changes:

  • Various corrections and enhancements to existing functionality




Version Date   Notes


v8.15 November




The 8.15 release contains the following system improvements and changes:

  • User and Usage Report now include Signify Mobile Application data
  • Performance Agreement Status Report to display not yet approved scores
  • New Fit & Proper tab added to LMS Portal
  • Email Sent Report has been added
  • Next Available Course Step setting
v8.14 September




The 8.14 release contains the following system improvements and changes:

  • Option to add a subgroup as recipients on Due Date & Notifications
  • Now able to set Appointment Requirements as a Condition for Due Date & Notifications,
  • Performance Agreement Section Averages per Employee Report has been developed,
  • A wizard has been added to create Performance Management templates
  • Job Profiler Competencies page enhancements,
  • Vacancy Tracker API daily feed of placements by third party & retrieval of details
  • Talent Management now shows Current Location & Transferability and Emergency Cover & Successor,
  • Notification now sent from Talent Management when an employee is ‘Ready Now’
  • Search functionality has been added on list of certificates on Training History
  • Ability to download simultaneously all certificates achieved
  • A report has been developed to indicate documents downloaded on Pathways
  • Job Profiler Competencies weights, levels, proficiency level and descriptions have been enhanced
v8.13 May




The 8.13 release contains the following system improvements and changes:

  • Changes made to accessing Pathway administrative pages
  • Enhancements on the LMS Portal
v8.12 March




The 8.12 release contains the following system improvements and changes:

  • Addition of bypass login link to Vacancy Tracker Notifications
  • Ability to add different weight percentages for review periods
  • Check in changes applied to Performance Management
  • Unsaved data warning implementation on Performance Management rating page
  • Clicker Assessments facility for multiple consecutive assessments
  • STO ability to select engineers/licence administrators across all locations
  • Public licence restrictions displayed on licence cards
  • Introduction of various reports
  • Enhancement of List of Training Interventions in Library Report
  • Enhancement of SharePoint Server configuration
v8.11.2 February




The 8.11.2 release contains the following system improvements and changes:

  • Various minor enhancements and fixes to existing functionality




Version Date   Notes
v8.11.1 December




The 8.11.1 release contains the following system improvements and changes:

  • Pathway changes to accommodate school system
  • Assessment Builder Clickers
v8.11 November




The 8.11 release contains the following system improvements and changes:

  • New WSP/ATR Dashboard [Client specific],
  • SMS functionality on Forgot Password,
  • Mentoring and Coaching has been revamped,
  • Updates on Performance Management,
  • Reporting updates,
  • Updates to the Training Libraries’ Certificate functionality, and
  • Vacancy Tracker (Recruitment Requisition) changes.
v8.10.3 September




The 8.10.3 release contains the improved version of the Leave Module as well as a number of minor bug fixes on other modules in the system.

v8.10.2 August




The 8.10.2 version contains the integration between Signify and Signiflow for the licence card digital signatures.

v8.10.1 July




The 8.10.1 version contains the following new and updated features:

  • Phase 2 of the IDP Discussion including reports and dashboards,
  • Learner Record import enhancements,
  • The data displayed on Performance Management screens,
  • Theme Management changes, and
  • Extra search functionality on Vacancy Tracker.
V8.10 June




The 8.10 version contains the following new and updated features:

  • Integration with OrgChart
  • Pathway enhancements:
    • Link Share,
    • Next Available courses visible at end of pathways, and
    • Scorm packages can be downloaded
  • Performance Management Enhancements:
    • Line of sight,
    • Template weight changes,
    • New warning messages,
    • Pop-over messages on ratings,
    • Simplified performance agreement print preview,
    • Check-ins throughout the performance cycle, and
    • Employee dashboard changes
V8.9.1 February Download

The 8.9 version contains the following new and updated features:

  • Compliance Programmes Dashboard
  • IDP Discussion
  • Position centric reporting lines
  • Job Profiler imports
  • Leaderboards
  • Learner Record fields
  • Changes to My Details and Target Audiences
  • Styling changes and some enhancements to Performance Management
  • Report updates
V8.9 January




The 8.9 version contains the following new and updated features:

  • Compliance Programmes Dashboard
  • Position centric reporting lines
  • Job Profiler imports
  • Leaderboards
  • Changes to My Details and Target Audiences
  • Styling changes to Performance Management
  • Report updates





Version Date   Notes
V8.8 October Download

The 8.8 version contains multiple changes to the Ask the Expert, Performance Management and Notification Plan modules.

Major changes have been made to the SCORM integration, while minor changes have been made to the following:

  • Event Management – Attendance Register,
  • LMS Portal,
  • Manage Employees – Learner Records,
  • Master data pages,
  • System Date Format
V8.7 June Download

The 8.7 version mainly contains changes made to the Talent Management module, which is now called Succession and Career Planning. Other minor changes have also been implemented to the LMS Portal, Master Data pages, Performance Management and Reports.

V8.6.1 March Download

In Version 8.6.1 the following improvements have been made:

  • The API has been updated to accommodate Custom fields in the Employee Import.
  • Badges have been updated to allow for maximum and minimum values.
  • The Action Plan on Career Conversations can now be printed.
  • No changes will be allowed on inactive Performance years.
  • Client Specific report changes has been made.
  • Vacancy Tracker now integrates with Direct Hire through Web API calls.
V8.6 February Download

In Version 8.6 the following improvements have been made:

  • Changes to the API to accommodate User permissions as well as Maintenance mode.
  • A new Consolidated import that includes Training Interventions, Learner Records and Learner Record cost.
  • Specific date expiry on Learning Store items.
  • Workflow history on Licences.
  • Ability to combine the Custom and Additional fields in Manage Employees
  • New reports
  • Ability to accommodate different Question Mark pip files.
  • Pivotal Programme changes to the Training Libraries.




Version Date   Notes
V8.5 December Download

In Version 8.5 the following new development have been done:

  • The new learning mobile app has been released as a first test-draft version.
  • Notifications can now be scheduled to go out from the pathways in order to communicate due dates to users.

In Version 8.5 the following improvements have been made:

  • Assessments can be disabled and / or replaced on the system, preventing administrators from using the incorrect assessments in pathways.
  • The look and feel of dashboards have been enhanced.
  • Duplicate requirements (direct or inherent) can no longer be added to Job Profiler.
  • Programmes will move to outstanding on the LMS portal when linked items expire.
  • Master data can be added to the system for WSP / ATR Categories.
  • Training Interventions / Unit Standards and Programmes can be disabled or replaced.
  • Pathways can be set to display each step as a new page.
  • Table changes was made to optimise system data access.
  • API calls have been added to the system.
V8.4 September Download

In Version 8.4 the following improvements have been made:

  • HTML Instructions can now be added to Career Conversation
  • Programmes can be linked to Job Profiles using an import file
  • Positions can be searched on Job Profiler
  • Qualifications offered by my learning provider has been added to the PDP module, to Training Requirements on the LMS and to Manage Employees.
  • Qualifications from the employee’s job can now be viewed on the PDP and LMS Training Requirements.
  • My Employees have been merged into My Colleagues and the My Colleagues module has been updated and improved.
  • Security settings have been improved, and
  • New reports are now available.
V8.3 July Download

In Version 8.3 the following enhancements have been made to the system:

  • The general document uploader will now auto-populate the document’s description if the user did not enter a description first.
  • Multiple learner records can now be created from an event’s attendance register.
  • Documents that should be available on events can be selected.
  • The Login and Registration pages have been consolidated into one.
  • Learner Records have a new field called ‘Compliance Date’.
  • Additional functionality has been added to the following master data pages: Unit Standards, Programmes and Qualifications.
  • Changes have been made to the Leadership Behaviours and Finalization of Performance Management.
  • Multiple report changes have been made.
V8.2 June Download

The 8.6.2 version mainly addressed system issues and stability optimization.

Also included is changes made to My Colleagues as well as some report changes.

V8.1 April Download In Version 8.1 several improvements have been made to the new version 8 ‘look and feel’ as well as general functionality and user friendliness.
The following modules have been enhanced in the latest version:
• HR Processes
• Learner Records
• Licences
• LMS Portal
• Manage Employees and Employee Details
• Master Data
• Performance Management
• Reporting
• Training Interventions and Import
• Vacancy Tracker
V8 March Download It’s out with 7 and in with the new and improved Version 8!
Version 8 show cases the new and improved look and feel of the Signify system, enhancing end
user experience and satisfaction.
The following has also been developed/enhanced for the latest version:
• POE Moderation
• SMS Scheduler
• Offline reporting
• Extra fields have been added to the ‘Employee Self Service;
• Leave provision for ‘x’ days worked
• Reinstate employee
• Display additional information on Org Card
• Use of apostrophes in Org name
• Org search added to pathway target audience
• Unique name checks throughout learning libraries
• Vacancy tracker changes
• Vat on Learning Store Invoice
• WSP/ATR Pivotal Training Checkbox



Version Date   Notes
V7.35 December Download

In version 7.35 a new module – Career Pathing – has been added to the system, which allow an employee to project their career path within the company. 

The following improvements have also been made: 

    • Changes to Career Conversation / Connect Questionnaire have been made to assist in administrative actions. 
    • Dashboards have been created for Career Conversation / Connect Questionnaire. 
    • Training Intervention Requirements on Job Profiler now includes a ‘Required for’ column. 
    • Licences have been changed on both ad hoc licences and grouping function. 
    • A setting has been added to adjust processing rules for Ad hoc licences. 
    • A new Merchant and System messages have been added to the Learning Store. 
    • Job Codes have been added as a search parameter on Manage Employees. 
    • Assessments now includes a ‘Back’ button to enable the user to go back to the pathway without completing the entire assessment. 
    • Portfolio of Evidence can now be completely administrated on the pathway. 
    • Multiple minor changes have been made to Performance Management.
V7.34 October Download

In version 7.34 the ‘My colleagues’ module has been added to the system. The following improvements have also been made:

    • Appointment Category has been added to Job Profiler to distinguish between appointments that should be able to link certain items.
    • Licences now includes an import and changes has been made to the Ad Hoc section of licences to allow for additional training and/or licences to be added to employee profiles.
    • The ability to log into different schemas with the same user has been made available.
    • Audit is now kept and visible on screen for Employee Number changes.
    • Employee profiles for those working on multiple sites (schemas) can now handle learner records from all schemas and distinguish between licences on different sites / schemas.
    • Pathway Connector has been enhanced to include Unit Standards and Programmes as possible rules on the pathway.
    • The PDP module now makes provision for the ad-hoc licence training.
    • Notifications have been added to the system.
    • A setting has been added to ensure Training Interventions are unique between schemas.
    • Public licences have been added to the workflows of the workflow recipients.
V7.33 September Download

In version 7.33 the following improvements have been made:

  • Connect Questionnaire has been added to the Career Conversation module.
  • The Employee Licence screen layout has been changed and the licence processing has also been adjusted. The cards available for printing licences have also changed.
  • The Licence Dashboard has been amended to allow re-routing of licences.
  • The payment gateway has been improved.
  • When uploading documents to Learner records the user will have the ability to auto generate the document name.
  • Performance Management look and feel has been changed (the old look and feel is still available).
  • Several reports have been added and changed.
V7.32 August Download

In version 7.32 the following improvements have been made:

  • Assessments can now be exported, and therefore printed, from assessment pages.
  • A document can now be loaded to the Assessor / Moderator master data, for external verification purposes.
  • Employee Evaluation’s module Information Messages can now be customized by the administrator.
  • The look and feel of learner records have been changed, to look the same as the rest of the system. Learner record duplication verification can now also be switched on per schema.
  • Licence Notifications have been updated.
  • Maintain user pathway now has added instructions on the Certification point step.
  • New reports have been developed.
  • The New Vacancy Tracker module has been completed.
V7.31 July Download

In version 7.31 the following improvements have been made:

  • The Dashboard module has been enhanced so it will be able to display staggered charts. New Dashboards have also been developed for Performance Management and Talent Management (5 box).
  • The pathway module has been optimized to make it user friendly for mobile devices. The pathway display on the LMS as well as the Pathway steps have been optimized to be more reactive.
  • SMS’s can now also be sent from the pathway to enable a user to do an entire pathway from their mobile device or pc without having to log into the system first. This works on the same principle as the SCORM SMS’s.
  • The overall evaluation screen on Performance Management now also show the CWA score for easy viewing.
  • The quick appoint functionality now has a setting to add two fields to the screen. These fields are ‘Race’ and ‘Gender’.
  • The ability to add client specific templates for exporting employees’ Previous work experience has also been added to the Manage Employees module admin page.
  • The Talent Management Module (5-box) has been revamped to have a new look and feel.
V7.30 April Download

In version 7.30 the Career Conversation has been added as a new Module to the Signify system. This new module is a ‘lighter’ version of Performance Management, which focuses on a conversation between the employee and their manager. The employee’s role profile is discussed and the main focus is on the key performance areas, key performance indicators and competencies. These KPA’s, KPI’s and Competencies are marked as Start, Stop and Continue and all items selected with an output of Start and Stop will form part of the employee’s Action Plan.

The LMS and Pathway look and feel have also been changed to allow for easier navigation and better user experience on mobile devices.

V7.29 April Download

In version 7.29 the following improvements have been made:

  • The Dashboard module has been enhanced to include subgroup changes to be used on searches.
  • Changes have been made to Event notifications that goes out and certificates can now be printed from the attendance register.
  • Notifications can be enabled to go out when an employee’s employee number changes.
  • Documents added to Learner records can be downloaded from My Training History.
  • Job Title and Start Date fields can now be activated to show on registration page.
  • Access codes have been added as extra security on Assessment builder.
  • Performance Rating Distribution Report was enhanced to show more data.
V7.28 March Download

In version 7.28 the following improvements have been made:

  • Functionality has been added that enables a Learning Administrator to export an existing assessment from the Signify system in the same format that the system requires to import assessments.
  • Evaluators now have the ability to elect whether or not to participate in an Employee Evaluation.
  • A new front-end screen has been developed to facilitate the process of importing Employee Evaluation scores into Performance Management. This screen helps you to map which Performance period is mapped to which Evaluation period. You also select the Contract Weight Items that will be used.
  • A new setting has been added that allows a System Administrator to specify whether or not it is mandatory to upload a document for a qualification.
  • An improvement was made to the Manage Attendance screen so that cancelled events no longer appear on the list of events when accessing the Event List via the Manage Attendance menu item.
  • Enhancements have been made to the Portal Web Part Target Audience functionality. An administrator is now able to restrict access to certain Portal menu items for a specific company code.
  • Functionality was added to allow administrators to set Company Logos, used for Job Profile reports, for each schema.
  • The process of creating Training Interventions from a Pathway has been improved. When you choose to create an Intervention, you will now be directed to the Intervention creation screen where you have to fill in all the required fields.
  • The ability to create Training Interventions from Pathway Steps has been added to more Pathway Step Types.
  • A change was made to the Manage Employees module to only show the subsidiary field when the Salary Review Module is active.
  • A new colour coding feature was added to the Training Role Monitoring Report which enable a system user to easily distinguish between the different training completion statuses.
  • A new report was developed to enable a system user to extract Organisation Structure information that was changed during a specified period.
  • Validation has been added on the SCORM step on Pathways to check if the package is in the correct format and that the required files are included in the package.
  • New functionality has been developed to enable a workflow administrator to force the creation of workflows for individual licences should they not go into workflow with the normal licence processing.
V7.27 February Download

In version 7.27 the following improvements have been made:

  • The entire Leave module has been rewritten in order to cater for more scenarios and better calculating abilities. Phase 1 of the re-write has been made available in this version and more improvements will follow in phase 2.
  • Refresher courses can now be set-up on pathways and will be displayed on the PDP as soon as the refresher becomes available to the employee.
  • The Licence Workflow has been amended to cater for different STO’s and Engineers’ per Licence type to be set-up on each schema.
  • A password can now be selected when using the quick appoint on manage employees. This password will not have to be re-set on the employee’s first login.


Version Date Notes    
V7.26 December Download    
V7.25 November Download    
V7.24 October Download    
V7.23 September Download    
V7.22 August Download    
V7.21 July Download    
V7.20 July Download    
V7.19.2 June Download    
V7.19 June Download    
V7.18 May Download    
V7.17 April Download    
V7.16 March Download    
V7.15 Febuary Download    
V7.14 January Download    


Version Date Notes    
V7.13 December Download    
V7.12 October Download    
V7.11 September Download    
V7.10 August Download    
V7.9.1 July Download    
V7.9 June Download    
V7.8 January Download